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We work as an intermediary for our clients to trade in major world markets. You can trade future contracts and options on all the industrial metals which are traded in London Metal Exchange. In addition, you can trade in international stocks, futures, options and eurobond markets through our online platform D-Trade.

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Frequently Asked Questions About International Stock Markets

1- What does International Capital Markets include?

International Capital Markets include stocks, Futures, Options and bonds in major exchanges over the world. You can also meet your hedging needs by the products traded in London Metal Exchange. The financial markets are regulated by official authorities and they are subject to rules of these authorities.

2- What is the difference of Forex market and Futures market?

Forex market is an OTC market where investors can use leverage while Futures market products are traded in regulated exchanges and they are under the control of the regulatory authorities. 

3- What is the advantage of trading in international capital markets?

It gives you the opportunity to diversify your investments by trading different financial instruments in major world markets.

4- Which markets does D-Trade include?

D-Trade includes stocks, Futures, Options and bonds in international markets. Commodities like crude oil, coffee, platinum; indices like S&P, DAX, Nikkei, international stocks, currencies and bonds are examples of tradable products in D-Trade.

 5- Can I use D-Trade on my mobile phone?

 You can use D-Trade in mobile applications.

 6- Is there a demo version of D-Trade?

Yes and you can apply for a demo through our website.

 7- Is there any additional cost for D-Trade?

No. Commission is charged for every execution. If you subscribe for live data, the subscription fee of the Exchange will be charged.

 8- Which metals are traded in London Metal Exchange?

 Investors can trade future and options on copper, aluminium, zinc, nickel, tin, steel scrap and steel rebar in London Metal Exchange. You can also trade gold, silver, platinium and palladium over London Bullion Market Association.

9- Which order types can be used in London Metal Exchange?

You can place market orders, limit orders and stop orders like in other exchanges. Also, settlement orders and average orders which includes a selected period are applicable.

10- How to trade in London Metal Exchange?

The orders have to be transmitted through investment consultants during 09:00-20:00