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1. What is a stock?

Stocks are issued by joint stock companies. They represent a certain amount of participation to the capital of the joint venture, but also carry the quality of the negotiable instrument. The amount written on the stock is called the “nominal” value, the value bought and sold on the market is called the “current” price.

2. Borsa Istanbul

Borsa Istanbul is a securities market that began operating on January 3, 1986 to provide the purchase and sale of stocks, treasury bills and government securities, revenue partnership certificates, private sector accounts, foreign securities, real estate certificates and international securities.

3. About Share Transactions

  • Buying-Selling transactions are carried out in accordance with the rules of price and time priority under competitive conditions.
  • Representatives authorised to buy and sell stocks receives the instructions of buyers and sellers. They are transferred to the stock market via FIX-API (remote access), within the rules determined by BIST.
  • Duration of the orders sent to the system of stock market are at most 1 day.
  • 1 share = 1 unit = 1 TL nominal value is hold in Borsa Istanbul Stock Market. Orders are accepted as 1 share (1 unit) and multiples.
  • The swap period is 2 days for your transactions (T+2). During this time, you can make purchases if the sales are realized and you can make sales if the purchases are realized before the stocks are transferred to your account.

4. About DenizYatırım Stock Transactions

  • In the transactions on the internet branch, your money is kept in blockage for two days and your interests are transferred to your account at the end of the month.
  • The market value of the shares held may be calculated by multiplying the declared price of the stock by its amount.
  • The return and risk level of traders trading on the stock market is more suitable for groups that prefer to make high investments.
  • Transactions can be made through our bank, our branches, our 4440800 contact center and our AçıkDeniz web branch.
  • We do not have any lower limit on transactions you make via internet branch.