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All stocks traded at the exchange and detailed informations..
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Last Developments in Markets Daily Bulletin
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What Channels can I Trade with DenizYatırım?

Owning the title “The Most Common Intermerdiary Firm of Turkey” with 51 branches, DenizYatırım serves with its experienced team and expert research staff. You can place order from DenizBank and DenizYatırım branches in working hours, and via our electronic channels 24/7.

The list of shares in group A, B, C, D that are formed in accordance with Capital Markets Board:

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AçıkDeniz Internet Branch

BorsaOnline Java Application

DenizTrader( on iPhone, iPad, Android & WP8 Operating Systems)


You can perform your transactions through

Data Line Screens (Direct FN, Foreks, Matriks eBroker & MatriksTrader).

Trading Hours

All-Day Single Session Application

The new structure will have a single session spreading all day long. The parts of the single trading day that will be valid for a normal share order and the scheduled hours will be as follows:

Session Part Hours
Opening Session Order Collection 09:40:00
Matching / Price Determination 09:55:00
Continuous Trading 10:00:00
Midday Opening Session Order Collection 13:00:00
Matching / Price Determination 13:55:00
Continuous Trading 14:00:00
Closing Session Order Collection 18:00:00
Matching / Price Determination 18:05:00
Trading at Closing Price 18:07:00
Trades at Closing 18:10:00

Share Groups

The shares traded in Istanbul Stock Exchange markets are classified as A, B, C, D group with the decision of the Capital Markets Board, dated October 30, 2014 and numbered 31/1080.

A, B, C, D group information is included in the Stock Exchange Daily Bulletin.

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Open Acount

Order Types

Normal (Limit) Orders

The price and amount are entered with these orders. If the entry is not partially or fully transacted, the unrealized portion is placed among the waiting (passive) orders in accordance with the price and time priority order. The maximum limit is TL 3,000,000. This amount is calculated at the latest transaction price. If there is no closing price, the previous closing price is checked. In the absence of both, if there is a price entered manually by the Exchange, it is considered, otherwise it is not allowed to enter a market order until the transaction is completed.

Market Orders

It is the orders entered by specifying the quantity without the price. They turn into transactions by matching the best priced orders on the opposite side. If there are no orders matching on the opposite side, they are automatically canceled. In the single price method, the market orders entered in the order collection phase are held in the order book until the start of the match, and becomes the transaction when the match starts. Non-traded market orders are not transferred to the continuous transaction section of the session and are canceled. The maximum limit is TL 3,000,000.